Discussions about exchanges.
By Zenia Saicedo
Talking and communication is a part of our lives, just like sleeping and eating. Some of our talking have no meaning, but some of them maybe be very important for us. For example, example is our personal privacy talking. For all of these kinds of talking, we need to find a way to keep it in safe, keep it far away of spying. How to protect us form the recording of wireless audio and wireless cameras? The wireless video jammer and audio jammer can do the job. No one want to lose business, no one want to be exposed all privacies, no one want to put our family into dangerous situation. The wireless video jammer could cut off the signal of wireless cameras, thus protect us by disable its working. The audio jammer works in the same way, it could disable all wireless recorders in a certain working range. Another very exciting function is, the audio jammer could jam all listening devices from tapping into your phone calls or spoken conversations by scrambling signals.

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