Discussions about ZCore mining. GPU / CPU
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By apollo
This is the oficial topic of ZCore pools. Here you can find all 3rd party mining pools.

AltPools - https://pools.altpools.com
BlazePool - http://www.blazepool.com/
Block Masters - http://blockmasters.co
Coin Mining Pool - https://coinminingpool.org/
Fair Mine - https://fairmine.pro/site/coininfo?coin=ZCR
Hashing Network - https://hashing.network/
Lyra2z - https://lyra2z.com
MKTech - http://mktechpools.xyz/
MiningPoolFun - https://miningpoolfun.club/
MinPool - https://minpool.net
Mining Patriot - https://miningpatriot.com/
PositiveOne - https://positiveone.tk/
Quantum Pool - https://quantumminingpool.com
SaltPool - https://saltpool.net
ZCore Pool - http://pool.zcore.cash - by ReiDosCoins
SuperPool - https://zcr.mine-vn.com/index.php
ZergPool - http://zergpool.com/site/mining


Among all, only ZergPool and Blockmasters have BTC withdraw and other cryptocurrencies .
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By cpinho
How to create a mining pool with Yiimp? Could you create a tutorial on this?
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By phabulu
I dont know, maybe you can find some tutorial on youtube, I think taht will be really hard to find someone here :/
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